Freedom On Ice Foundation's mission is to change lives by bringing a Childhood back to Children in Nepal through our Academic Scholarships from Kindergarten to University in an English Education and our Freedom Academy, a Center for Sports, Music, Art, Dance, Drama, and English Classes.

Freedom On Ice clothing line has been created to provide the funding for our work in Nepal. 50% of clothing sales profits are donated to Freedom On Ice Foundation. We are changing the lives of children by giving them an education and affording them the experience of life lessons learned through the arts and sports.

Our clothing line is bringing elegance to the ice through our beautiful fabrics and stunning hand beaded dresses at a price point affordable to all levels of skaters.

All children in the world must have access to an education and life experiences through arts and sports.

The children are our future.

This is my calling
This is my purpose
This is my life


  • Academic Scholarships from Kindergarten to University to children who live in shacks on dirt floors, no running water, no washroom facilities, providing the gift of education in English.

  • Children Helping Children - A book creation program created by us where children from the higher grades of Private English schools in the city of Kathmandu create children's books in fiction, abc's and number books for kindergarten classes of very remote village schools of Nepal that just do not have any books! The children have created over 1,000 books to date, with a target of 10,000 for next year with the involvement of many more schools in the city of Kathmandu. We are so very proud of the work the children have done.

  • Freedom Academy - A Center for Music, Art, Drama, Dance, Sports and English Classes for the Village of Melamchi. Life Lessons in the arts and sports are being provided to some of the poorest children in the world.

  • First Aid and Health Education - No longer will a small cut on a child's footturn into a deep infection where the parents just do not have the means to purchase any medicine. Teaching children how to care for themselves to prevent disease from setting in. Educating young girls and their families that during menstruation time, it is not okay to lock them in sheds outside or treat them like they have a contagious disease and must be locked away and not even allowed to attend school.